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Calstone College was originally called the Jewelry Arts and Design College, founded in 2001, with the purpose of training individuals to become master jewelers and designers of jewelry.


Our founder, Gerald Park, after more than 41 years of experience as a Master Jeweler understood there was a dire need for an institution of higher learning to train future jewelers and designers.


The College thrived, receiving numerous commendations and recognition by the California Senate, the State Legislature, the Governor's Office, the State Assembly and other civic and local government agencies.


Calstone College exists to enable students to realize their educational goals. The college’s first priority is to promote the intellectual progress of students.


To fulfill this mission, we design programs and activities to help students develop the Calstone College academic, vocational, and professional competencies to become employable and contributing members of an interdependent world in a technological age.


We seek to foster a rigorous and contemporary understanding of the arts as it relates to fashion, design, jewelry, and professional disciplines as it relates to business and industry.



Calstone College is inspired by our Mission and Values to become recognized as a premier provider of higher learning, producing graduates who are leaders in their respective fields. 



1. Commitment to Teaching, Scholarship, and Active Learning.

We demonstrate excellence in teaching. We honor and reward high performance in learning, teaching, scholarship, research, service, and creative activity. Because the quality of our Calstone College academic programs is central to our mission , we encourage intellectual curiosity and protect the multiple expressions of Calstone College academic freedom. 

2. Commitment to Excellence.

We set the highest standards for ourselves in all of our actions and activities and support the professional development of faculty, staff and administrators. We assess our performance so that every area of college life will be continually  improved and renewed.

3. Respect for All People.

We aspire to behave as an inclusive, cooperative community. Our behaviors, policies, and programs affirm the worth and personal dignity of every member of the university community and contribute to a campus climate of civility, collegiality, tolerance, and reasoned debate.


4. Alliances with the Community.

We seek partnerships with the local schools, community colleges, businesses, government and social agencies to advance educational, intellectual, artistic, civic, cultural and economic aspirations of our surrounding communities. 

​5. Encouragement of Innovation, Experimentation, and Creativity.

We seek to provide an environment conducive to innovation, experimentation, and creativity. We encourage all members of our community to take intellectual and creative risks and to embrace changes that will enhance the fulfillment of the college’s mission.

Board of Directors
Gerald Young Park

The Founder and President of Calstone College. As a third generational Master Jeweler with over 40 years of experience, he specializes in integration of Eastern & Western culture for jewelry arts. He has also owned and operated several successful fine jewelry retail stores and jewelry manufacturers, which gave him an in-depth business and creative understanding of the industry. With his passion to educate and cultivate master jewelers for the next generation, he founded this college and provides leadership in all aspects of the college. 

Nassir Jacobsen

Founder and Owner of Coral Diamond’s Inc. in downtown Los Angeles for 29 years. He has worked all over the world specializing in rough diamond trading, polished diamond trading, and manufacturing of diamonds and jewelry. Over the past six years, he has put his focus on not only expanding his business to all corners of the globe, but on training a new generation of diamond dealers and traders. As an expert in all the changes in the diamond market today, and as an industry partner to Calstone College, he brings wealth of knowledge from the jewelry industry and advises on career development for students at Calstone College. 

Jason Chao

The primary advisor to the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) regarding US Congressional affairs and policy. Dr. Chao also is a respected academic professor who is committed to sharing his experiences and teachings in foreign policy, political science, languages, literature and culture. Additionally, Dr. Chao has experience in teaching public relations and media studies. Dr. Chao is also a lover of art, education, history, language, food and culture, and is a receiver of multiple awards in the social sciences and humanities. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park, two master's degrees from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the University of Southern California, respectively. 

Bernard Slede

The Managing Partner of Breakthrough Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley firm that focuses on helping companies grow to the next stage. Mr. Slede draws from a career as a successful agent of change and positive disruption, as an entrepreneur, a corporate innovation leader and a former corporate venture capitalist. He was also named one of Startup America’s top 5 individual Champions.  Mr. Slede is passionate about art and education. He is a graduate of Paris’ HEC School of Management and the International Management Program at ESADE (Barcelona) and McGill University. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Joy GY Kim

Fashion Designer and Manufacturer. As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Ms. Kim has extensive experience in marketing, event planning and management. She has earned Bachelor of Physical Education from Kwandong University, Master degree in Sports Medicine from Kyung Hee University, and Master degree in Physical Education from Korea National Sport University. She is also an artist and painter of religious acrylic paintings and has a Doctor degree of Religious Arts.


Gerald Park, President
​Karen K. Kim, Director of Admission
T.C. Kim, Director of Administration
​Albert Young, Director of Student Affairs
Sara Fagan New, Registra

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