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Masters in Jewelry Arts Overview

The masters program at Calstone College offers students an opportunity to refine and hone their skills in the practices of metal and jewelry crafting at the highest level. The program also provides students with the necessary framework to further challenge them in the theoretical philosophies surrounding the industry and art today. Graduates of this program will leave with both in-depth knowledge of the field and well-developed skills of the trade. Students learn their craft in studios and seminars with their peers and instructors who are the heart of a thriving community centered on a shared passion for the jewelry arts.

The Masters in Jewelry Arts program provides an extensive overview of the techniques and skills in metal smithing, wax carving, graduate level jewelry, design, and gemology.


The seminars provide a platform where ideas and conceptual refinement can take place alongside the graduate students' studio practices. The graduate artist will be challenged to develop his or her personal area of interest, conduct research, and integrate professional practices of presentation and critique into his or her projects.


He or she will be expected to ultimately produce a thesis/project representative of his or her graduate studies. A graduate of this program can embark on a professional career as a jewelry model maker, jeweler, and jewelry appraiser in the jewelry industry.

MA Program Requirements:

The Masters in Jewelry Arts degree program is for the accomplished jewelry artist who has already completed a course of study at the BA level in Jewelry Arts. The Masters in Jewelry Arts degree is a full-time program that contains 45 credits. The program can be completed in three quarters, the equivalent of approximately nine months.

Graduation Requirement for MA Degree:

A total of 45 quarter credit hours, which should be completed in at least 3 quarters within 1 academic year of study, and no more than 6 quarters within 1.5 academic years for a full-time student.


Achieve a minimum of grade C (2.0) grade point average in all courses in the approved degree program.

Fulfill core course requirements.

Notice to Prospective Degree Program Students This institution is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to offer degree programs. To continue to offer degree programs, this institution must meet the following requirements:
-Become institutionally accredited by accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education with the scope of the accreditation covering at least one degree program.

-Achieve accreditation candidacy or pre-accreditation as defined in regulation, by July 1,2017 and full accreditation by July 1, 2020. If this institution stops pursuing accreditation, it must: 

-Stop all enrollment in its degree programs, and 

-Provide a teach-out to finish the educational program or provide a refund. An institution that fails to comply with accreditation requirement by the required dates shall have its approval to offer degree programs automatically suspended.


Non-Degree Programs

Calstone College offers Certificate and Diploma programs designed to give students practical, hands on experience in Jewelry Arts and Design. These programs are vocational in nature, and prepare the student to join the professional ranks of jewelry designers and artisans. 


Graduate Jeweler

600 Clock Hours, 33 Quarter Credit Units

 Diploma Program: 

Students engage in comprehensive hands on course of studies where their skills are forged within a real shop setting.Students are instructed in metal manipulation using saw and torch techniques, soldering, setting stones in various styles, jewelry repair, treating stones, testing metals as well as knowing the physical and chemical properties of metals that they handle. Graduates will be guided in their technical skills under the instruction of experienced professionals in challenging studio settings. This course is highly recommended to individuals who plan to pursue careers as entry-level stone setters, bench jewelers and jewelry business owner and jewelry repair personnel. 

Graduate Jeweler Diploma Program Requirements:

The Graduate Jeweler Diploma Programs last 20 weeks long and contains hours, The program can be completed in approximately two quarters.

Graduation Requirement for Diploma Program
  • A total of 600 clock hours.
  • Achieve a minimum of grade C(2.0) grade point average in all courses on the approved program.

Graduation Requirements for Diploma Program

  • A total of 600 clock hours

  • Achieve a minimum of grade C (2.0) grade point average in all courses on the approved program.


Graduate Gemologist

Diploma Program:

600 Clock Hours, 36 Quarter Credit Units 

Students will take fundamental courses in gemology studying the full spectrum jof gems from colored stones, diamonds, pearls, to their synthetic counterparts where students are trained to distinguish the cuts, weight,treatment, value, and effects of popular demand and suppl. Students will learn to evaluate gems efficiently and accurately utilize up-to-date testing procedures and equipment during hands on lab testing, A framework of gems in there history, use, and designs, is outlined in courses and seminars, where students can grow in appreciation and understand to the various factors that affect the demand for jewelry. From the physical and chemical properties of stones to the skills needed to trade and buy will be thoroughly examined within the program, fully equipping our graduates to work in the field. Graduates can enter into entry-level positions as: Assistant buyer, assistant store manager, diamond grader, gemologist, diamond sales representative, wholesale sales representative, retail sales associate, quality control professional.

Graduate Gemologist Diploma Program Requirements: 
The Graduate Gemologist Diploma Program lasts 20 weeks long and contains 600  clock hours. The program can be completed in approximately two quarters.

Graduation Requirements for Diploma Program

  • A total of 600 clock hours

  • Achieve a minimum of grade C (2.0) grade point average in all courses on the approved program.


Jewelry Design

600 Clock Hours, 35.5 Quarter Credit Units

Diploma Program:

The aim of the program is to technically train artists to render jewelry design in various mediums of watercolor, pencils and computer aided technology consistent to professional Standards of the jewelry industry. Students learn to capture illuminations and facets of gemstones and precious metals in five-point perspective representations. An examination of the emergence, value, purpose and trends of jewelry from historic periods to modern times is incorporated into our curriculum, to establish the jewelry designer in the vast creative resources and inspiration which to draw from. Jewelry design courses also aim to develop the designer in the skill of designing, drafting and revising for demanding clients, so as to be technically and conceptually versatile for the marketplace. Graduates of this program can enter into entry-level porstions as jewelry designers and computer-aided Designer.

Jewelry Design Diploma Program Requirements:

The Jewelry Design Diploma Program lasts 20 weeks long and contains 600 clock hours. The program can be completed in approximately two quarters. 

Graduation Requirements for Diploma Program

  • A total of 600 clock hours

  • Achieve a minimum of grade C (2.0) grade point average in all courses on the approved program.


Metal Arts

300 Clock Hours, 17.5 Quarter Credit Units   

Certificate Program:

The Metal Arts Program aims to equip the designer with the fundamental and advanced techniques needed to execute metal manipulation and crafting. Metal Arts Courses range from history lessons in metal arts from historic periods to contemporary trends to intensive studio courses that push designers to take their conceptual ideas and execute them into metal form. Students will be challenged to develop their creative endeavors and to explore various techniques in enameling, surface design, chasing, repousses, etching,mokume gane and jewelry designer, jewelry display professional or jewelry business owner. 

Metal Arts Certificate Program Requirements:

The Metal Arts Program lasts 10 weeks long and contains 300 clock hours. The program can be completed in approximately one quarter

Graduation Requirement for Certificate Program

  • A total of 300 clock hours 

  • Achieve a minimum of grade C (2.0) grade point average in all courses on the approved program. 


Wax Techniques

Certificate Program:

300 Clock Hours, 18 Quarter Credit Units​

The Program offers comprehensive instruction and hands-on practice in the form of wax modeling and casting. Students are instructed in the wax carving processes of creating articles of jewelry such as rings and brooches in wax and then reproducing them in casting. Students will become familiar with casting in precious and non-precious metals. techniques in rubber molds, wax spuing, centrifugal casting, wax injection, vacuum casting and more are introduced within the program. Students will be able to distinguish the types of waxes and applications needed for the execution of certain projects. This program is recommended for those who seek careers in entry-level positions as a caster, jewelry mold maker,manufacturing assistant or wax carver.
 Wax Techniques Requirements:
The Wax Techniques program lasts 10 weeks long and contains 300 clock hours. The program can be completed in approximately on quarter
Graduation Requirements:
  • A total of 300 clock hours

  • Achieve a minimum of Grade C (2.0) grade point average in all courses on the approved program.