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Campus News

Notice - Degree Program Closures

Pursuant to Title 5, CCR Section 74240(a)(4) and (b)(1), this is to notify all students of Calstone College that the institution will no longer pursue accreditation.


Hence the Calstone College will no longer offer AA, BA, MA Degree Programs in Jewelry Arts, as of May 1, 2020. 


In the future, the Calstone College will focus on offering Non-Degree Programs, which include Graduate Jeweler, Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Technology CAD/CAM, Wax Techniques, and Metal Arts. 


Should you have any questions about this notice, please contact the school administration. 

Thank you!

Calstone College's
​Saturday Classes Now Open!

Calstone College's newely designed Pave Setting Class is opened. It takes place at Calstone College every Saturday from 9:00AM - 1:00PM, which makes it a perfect schedule fit for full-time employees or students. This special class schedule may change without notice.

Calstone College Scholarship Opportunities

Calstone College is now recruiting new students to join our advanced scholarship opportunities.

213) 738-7700

323) 840-3033

Calstone College
​Internship Programs

Student Services is offereing students opportunities to intern with Various designers such as Jean Dousset (Direct Heritage of Louis Cartier), Micha Design, Liat Cohen, and Daniel Limbrick. Please visit the Student Services Center on campus today for more information!

Calstone College has contracted eBooks, a internet based library resource, to add to our vast on campus library collection. Now available to our students are texts books, arts books, and other books related to careers in jewelery.


The jewelry design industry wants people who have more than just technical skills. At Calstone College, learning doesn't just take place in the classroom.  We set up a variety of activities for our students so that they can experience the whole world of jewelry design.

Student Classroom

Job Placement

Calstone College offers job placement assistance to all graduates and/or active students.We help students find jobs and provide continuous support services to enable them to continue their professional development. We provide a job referral service. 
Calstone College will attempt to place graduates and/or active students by assisting them in getting in touch with employers offering employment opportunities within the gem and jewelry industry.

The College also offers assistance in resume writing, interview techniques, job search methods, and in making important career decisions. We first provide students training, and then the tools to effectively use the training in the real-world work environment. 

Company Tours

We have tours to a variety of companies to see the design process firsthand. Often, these tours include the opportunity to meet with the companies.

Alumni Visits

Calstone College values the networking of alumni and current students of our school. Calstone College will maintain contact with graduates and ask them to visit current students to give their past experience of their studies and how they are applying themselves in the real world.

Career Planning Resources

Calstone College has lecture rooms with the latest machinery and tools needed to be current within the industry standards.

​Along with a state of the art gemology room, there is a library
​and a computer lab for CAD programs and other student uses.



​Calstone College has no on-campus housing. However, Calstone College staff is available to assist students with finding housing, often just as the students arrive.

​This service is offered by the college to the students, whether or not they live in the area or are traveling from other parts of the country.


Computer Lab

The open-access Computer Center is equipped with the latest Macintosh computers, Windows workstations, and color printers.

​Calstone College courses merge studio and computer-based techniques of illustration, typography, layout, 3D imaging, interactive design, video editing, and motion graphics. Students produce original work in various forms of output, including large format color prints and DVD.



​The Calstone library, available to currently enrolled students and faculty, is located within the school's campus.

Students have check-out privileges within the circulating collection. The library contains a collection of thousands of textbooks, periodicals, e-books, articles, and other related materials that provide assistance to the students and faculty. The library supports Calstone's degree programs like jewelry arts.

In addition to the library, the Media center contains the computers, online library resources, and software necessary for completing projects and assignments. Students are encouraged to use the Media center for academic purposes including research, writing, and reading.
The library and Media center are available for use during regular school hours.

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every student to maintain academic integrity, respect the rights and differences of others, and assume responsibility for reading, understanding and adhering to all college policies.
Furthermore, it is the responsibility of every student to abide by local, state and federal laws.
Students shall at all time when on the school premises conduct themselves in an orderly and considerate manner and shall appear for classes in a sober and receptive condition.
ID Cards 
All members of the Calstone College community are issued a non-transferable ID Card.
Calstone College provides a smoke-free environment. Smoking is permitted outside only in designated smoking areas.
Food and Drink 
Students are prohibited from bringing Food and/or Drink into the following areas:

  • Studios

  • Classrooms

  • Carpeted rooms

  • Hallways

The following exceptions apply:

  • Bottled water is permitted in all areas of the school

  • Food and Drink are allowed in the Cafeteria

Dress Code and Grooming 
Because Calstone College recognizes that your choice of clothing and your manner of grooming are your own prerogatives, the college does not publish dress codes or standards. However, since fashion is our world, the college does request that you dress appropriately and groom properly in a professional manner to respect our community and reflects favorably on the public image that Calstone College endeavors to maintain
Use of Electronic Devices in Classrooms 
While it is understood that laptops and other electronic devices may be necessary for some classroom environments, electronic devices including, but not limited to, beepers, cell phones, PDA‘s, cameras, laptops, and MP3 players are allowed in class only at the discretion of the professor. If disruptive, these devices may be confiscated, until the end of class.
If used on test days or without approval from the professor, the student may be charged with cheating. Headphones are allowed in classes only at the discretion of the professor.
Additionally, students may not use electronic devices in class for purposes which disrupt the learning environment including, but not limited to surfing the internet, chatting online, and text messaging, unless given the expressed permission by the professor. 

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